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Your preferred supplier of all kinds of drinks, packaged foods, baby's stuffs and more.

100% genuine Products

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Your preferred supplier of all kinds of drinks, packaged foods, baby's stuffs and more.

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About PowerHLTD

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Welcome to PowerHLTD, is a licensed wholesale suppliers, exporters and distributors of drinks, Leading in bulk buy global supply of big brands Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverages, Mineral Water, Confectionaries, Dairy Supplies, Baby food, Beverages, Cigarettes and Many other Products at discount wholesale competitive prices. Our value is to provide good services, meet the planned time and ensure product quality. We have it all at great closeout bulk buying pricing for export to any country in the world. Rest assured, we understand some of the finer things in life aren't available everywhere. To expand, we've made it our mission to ensure you have access to top quality products ship to your home, shop or warehouse wherever you are.

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We have a very good physical location and a frictionless online buying gateway so as to make sure our customers get the best experience ever felt before.

Each experience our customers have is just as good as the last one. To maintain this, we always make sure to provide you with only the best products checked and selected by our specialized team members. We will never allow a bad product to reach you and in case that happens, we assure you a 100% money back guarantee. This is to make sure that we do not lose any of our old or new customers.

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No Minimum Order

Our warehouses are always fully in stock with all of our products. We have priority partnerships with our manufacturers.

Huge Product Variety

We have a huge product variety to supply most of the products in general purpose provision shops, super markets and malls.

Affordable Prices

Our partnerships with manufacturers help us to price our products at lower costs than most other suppliers.

High Quality Products

We believe in quality. Our products are manufactured by certified companies and we follow standard ISO processes


We are legitimate with good, reliable trading history and not a risky bet to come back to bite later. We will never take advantage precious customers.

Our Customer Service

We have knowledgeable and friendly employees that are quick to respond to our customer’s needs and who follow up after the sale.

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Hi powerhltd, i just received my package and it is cool and intact.

Donald Martins

Was quite impressed with your services and customer care.

Matt Garcia

Good service and customer care, hello to Dave...

Morley Curtis

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